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The Talk the Talk Table of Contents Song

Oh, there's* ...
Truckers, hackers, hikers
And there's bicyclers and bikers
There are skiers, scuba divers,
And a prostitute or three!
There's anime and sci fi fans,
Thespians and lesbians,
Fans of tats and advocates
Of sustainability.**

Ufologists, surfologists,
Some parapsychologists,
Witches and astrologists
And Antarcticologists!
Cavers, cowboys, kayakers and
Hunters, hams and fishermen
Cat and gun enthusiasts,
Philatelists, numismatists!

We have beekeepers and birders
And politicos and prisoners
Puppeteers, pro wrestlers,
With railfans, also more!
There's drug pushers, poker players
Furries, goths, and S-C-A-ers,
Skateboarders and snowboarders
And circus folk galore!

There's flatties and there's channelers,
Bodybuilders, gardeners,
Graffiti writers and rock climbers,
Rocketeers to burn ...
We've got prestidigitators,
Online gamers, B.F.A.-ers,
Dungeon masters, reenactors,
And some rappers, as you'll learn.

At last my list is almost through,
With naturists and skinheads too,
Hot rodders and RVers,
Now my song is nearly done.
Skydivers and punk rockers
Make the last two Talk-the-Talkers,
That's all my friend, and in the end
I hope you've had some fun, hey!

*"there's" is used here strictly for entertainment purposes and makes no claim to being grammatically sound.

**I know that doesn't quite scan, but when I sing it I'm able to shoehorn these kinds of things into the available notes by sheer force of will.